Indiana State Government Using QR Codes

As reported earlier, GOP state senators in Indiana have begun using QR codes for their mailings.  The square codes often provide a convenient link between the paper world and the online, interactive world, which allow a user with a free barcode reader app to download the codes.  Now the state government of Indiana is also incorporating the codes, adding them to the various pages of and their state parks.

At first, this would seem a bit redundant.given that the codes link to the web pages on which they reside.  But the codes also act as a convenient, mobile reference for the web pages, and users, perhaps from state agencies, may wish to share those bookmarks on printed materials.  As the Evansville Courier & Press reports, "the QR codes have been used 5,287 times by 4,306 visitors" since the service went online in June.

Other uses of the codes include postings around Indiana's state parks.  QR codes, provided on site, can link to trail maps, informational videos, and other content to enhance the experience of visiting a state park.   Arkansas has also been a leader in this area, being the first state to incorporate the codes on tourism and travel brochures.  For more information on Arkansas' use of QR codes, check out

With the proliferation of mobile phone access, QR codes are becomming increasingly practical for state agencies to provide information to their citizens.  They are tools that are being met with surprisingly high usage.  CSG is also following suit, with QR codes now incorporated into our printable Capitol Research reports.  You can test a few of those codes out here.