Indiana expands access to information on state spending, performance

A few months after it ranked first in a national study of state spending transparency, Indiana has taken another step to provide more information online to the public. The Management and Performance Hub opened this summer. It includes details on the state budget, public retirement system and tax revenue. The site also lists and tracks indicators of performance for various state agencies.
Indiana received its No. 1 ranking in April. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group graded states based on two broad criteria: the amount of spending information made available online and ease of use in accessing that information. Across the country, the study concludes, states have improved online access to spending data. For example, six states now provide “checkbook-level” information on spending via their business-incentive programs. This level of detail allows the public to track the return on investment from each business that receives an incentive.
Indiana received an A- in the PIRG study, as did Iowa and Wisconsin (though with slightly lower overall scores). Here are the other grades for the Midwestern states: B+, Illinois and South Dakota; B, Michigan; B-, Nebraska; D+, Minnesota; D, North Dakota; and D-, Kansas and Ohio.
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