Illinois tightening oversight of how state, federal grants are used

Illinois lawmakers are hailing a new set of safeguards that they say will improve how the state oversees grants and will protect against fraud and abuse. The Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (HB 2747) was signed into law last year. The plan for implementing this act was announced in March. 
With passage of HB 2747, state Sen. Pamela Althoff says, Illinois became the first state in the country with legislation requiring a comprehensive set of standards to enforce accountability and transparency throughout the grant process. The new rules will apply to the administration of state and federal grants. They include conflict-of-interest disclosure requirements for grantees and stricter, real-time auditing of grant-funded programs. The legislation also brings all of the state’s procedures up to federal standards.

The Illinois budget includes 462 individual grant appropriations, ranging from $400 to $4.2 billion. In 2013, the legislature formed a commission to examine the state’s grant process. It found that of the $45 billion in estimated grant spending, 6 percent of it was being lost to fraud, waste and abuse.

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