How Does the ACA Change the Oral Health Landscape?

Tooth decay affects nearly 60 percent of American children. More than one in three adults reports not visiting a dentist in the last year. Though dental care was once considered merely cosmetic, its importance to overall health is well documented. Untreated decay can lead to serious, potentially life-threatening infection. Pregnancy outcomes and heart disease also are linked to dental disease. 

This eCademy session explored how the Affordable Care Act can bring coverage to more children and adults in states that expand Medicaid eligibility. Workforce and clinic capacity issues, however, may be barriers to access. Some states, like Maine, Alaska and Minnesota, license mid-level dental therapists as one answer to workforce challenges.


How Does the ACA Change the Oral Health Landscape?
Wednesday, June 11
CSG eCademy



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Shelly Gehshan
Director of children's dental policy, The Pew Charitable Trusts
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Rep. Heather Sirocki
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Mike Saxl
Maine Street Solutions
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