Hello! My name is Brydon Ross and I recently started with CSG as their Director of Energy and Environmental Policy. I am very happy to be on board and I look forward to working with our affiliates, associates, and task force members. This is an exciting time for those interested in energy and environment issues as they seem to be a part of nearly all high-profile debates on a national, state, and local level.  I welcome your insight, input, and feedback and hope that you will find future postings as a useful resource.

By way of introduction, I worked in Washington D.C. for several U.S. Senators across the Southeast on energy, environment, natural resource development, transportation, emergency response, and agriculture issues. Most recently I served as the Director of Government Relations for the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL), a trade association that represents 49 interstate pipeline companies which comprise roughly 90 percent of the crude oil and refined products moved across the U.S.  After many years in D.C., I was ready for a fresh start and intrigued by the unique challenges and opportunities states face in shaping and formulating policy responses in the energy and environment arena. 

Again, I'm very excited about this opportunity and working with CSG! Below is my contact information:


(859) 244-8030