Health Plan Comparison Tool

2012 National Leadership Conference

CSG Health Policy Task Force
Moving Forward on Health Care Reform: With or Without the Affordable Care Act
May 18, 2012

Reform, whether mandated by the Affordable Care Act or not, is needed to address citizens' demands for quality health care services. Medicaid, state employee health care and now, health insurance exchanges are potential policy levers to increase quality, improve states' health outcomes and hold the line on costs. This session highlighted replicable initiatives undertaken by states to build an improved health care system responsive to today's fiscal policy context.

Presentation by Robert Krughoff, President, Consumers' CHECKBOOK

Health Plan Comparison Tool

Robert Krughoff, executive director of Checkbook, demonstrated the broad extent of data available to state health insurance exchanges on the cost and quality of various health insurance plans. His non-profit organization provides a digital comparison of health insurance plans to federal employees that includes useful information to consumers such as probable out of pocket costs in a “good” year and in a “bad” year, the emphasis of plans on prevention, and quality ratings of physicians in plan networks. This data variety is more extensive than the data provided to consumers in the Massachusetts Connector and other exchanges under development. 

Robert M. Krughoff
Robert M. Krughoff is founder and president of Center for the Study of Services/Consumers' CHECKBOOK, an independent, nonprofit consumer organization. The website and various CHECKBOOK publications are designed to help consumers choose high-quality, reasonably priced health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other services. CHECKBOOK has produced its Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees for 33 years and has developed model health plan comparison tools for use by employers and state Exchanges. Under contract to government and private organizations, it conducts many large-scale surveys in which consumers evaluate their physicians, hospitals, and health plans. Krughoff served as director of the Office of Research and Evaluation Planning in the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now HHS) for four years and is a member of various health policy and consumer boards. He is a graduate of Amherst College and the University of Chicago Law School.