GOP continues to gain more legislative seats, control in Midwest states

With the pending shift in partisan control of the Iowa and Minnesota senates to the Republican Party, nearly every legislature and governor’s office in the 11-state Midwest will be led by the GOP over the next two years.
Power will be divided among the parties in only two of the region’s states: Illinois, Republican governor and Democratic legislature; and Minnesota, Democratic governor and Republican legislature. (Nebraska’s Unicameral Legislature is nonpartisan.)

A decade ago, some form of divided government existed in five of the region’s states.

But starting with the decisive elections of 2010 (the year that decided which party would control redistricting in each state), Republicans have enjoyed electoral success in much of the Midwest.
In 2009, more Democratic legislators were serving in the Midwest’s 20 partisan chambers than Republicans. But since then, the GOP has picked up a total of 238 seats. As a result, in 2017, about 63 percent of the state legislators in the Midwest will be Republican. 
In this November’s elections, the GOP had legislative seat gains in 10 of the 11 Midwestern states (a net gain of more than 30 regionwide). The lone exception was Kansas, where Democrats gained members in both the House (+12) and Senate (+1).



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