Five Midwest states now using metal detectors at entrances to capitols

Ohio has joined the list of Midwestern states that require visitors to walk through a metal detector before entering the capitol building. The state’s new security rules, which took effect this fall, also ban backpacks. Gov. John Kasich had called for the use of metal detectors soon after taking office in 2011, reports.

Over the past decade and a half, states such as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas have installed detectors. Illinois’ policy took effect in 2004, after an unarmed security guard was shot and killed just inside the Capitol entrance.
In November, Nebraska legislators reviewed a proposal from state Attorney General Doug Peterson to add detectors at the state Capitol building. The proposal, Peterson wrote to lawmakers, is a recognition of the “times in which we live.” According to, current security measures in Nebraska include the use of uniformed troopers, security guards, cameras, panic alarms and a computer alert system. But Nebraska is one of six Midwestern states that do not employ metal detectors at Capitol entrance buildings. The others are Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
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