The Fiscal Cliff and the States

2012 National Conference

CSG Intergovernmental Affairs Committee 
Fiscal Cliff and the States
December 2, 2012

The American economy stands at the edge of a precipice created by expiring tax cuts and a host of spending reductions that could collectively shave $600 billion from the U.S. gross domestic product next year. This session featured a presentation and discussion led by Barry Anderson, deputy executive director of the National Governors Association, on the potential impact of the fiscal cliff and the prospects for congressional action to forestall it. Anderson previously served as acting director of the Congressional Budget Office, as well as in senior leadership roles in the Office of Management and Budget, the International Monetary Fund, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Capitol Ideas Today:  "Congress Looking Like Wile E. Coyote on the Fiscal Cliff Debate"


  Barry Anderson, Deputy Executive Director, National Governors Association

  Download the Presentation: "The Near-Term Outlook for States: A Period Full of Downside Risks" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

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