Fiscal and Economic Preview 2011

CSG will feature a breakout session on Dec. 5 at the CSG 2010 National Conference emphasizing discussion on some of the fiscal issues and challenges that will confront states in 2011.  Resource experts will help lead the discussion and steer participants towards some of the strategies and solutions that have proven effective in dealing with these thorny fiscal challenges.  The session, moderated by Maryland State Treasurer Nancy Kopp, will feature four key fiscal topics with the resource expert providing a short 5-7 minute summary of the issue followed by discussion around the table.

The four topics to be included are:

  • Economy — The national, regional and Rhode Island economies continue to face tremendous challenges as a result of the Great Recession—the deepest, broadest and sharpest economic downturn experienced in the United States since the Great Depression.  What are the prospects for 2011?  

    Resource Expert: Peter Marino, Fiscal Advisor, Rhode Island Senate

  • Public Pensions — Almost every state in the country faces enormous challenges in meeting their pension and retiree health obligations.  Delaware ranks as a state with an enviable pension system relative to many other states.  What are some of the strategies Delaware has adopted to maintain a high funding ratio during these grim fiscal times?  How has Delaware prepared to meet retiree healthcare obligations?

    Resource expert: David C. Craik, pension administrator, Delaware Office of Management and Budget

  • Federal Financial Reforms and the States — The federal financial regulatory reforms signed into law earlier this year will impact states both in the near- and long-term, including in the insurance sector.  What are some of the potential areas of concern in terms of state regulation over the insurance sector?  What do state lawmakers need to be aware of and act on when they go into session in 2011 in this area?

    Resource Expert: Representative Bob Damron, Kentucky and president of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL)

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) - Many states find their UI trust funds in dismal shape forcing more than three dozen to secure loans from the federal government to continue making UI payments.  Maine is one of the few exceptions on this front.  What are some of the specific actions initiated by Maine to achieve this laudable status?  About a decade or so ago, fundamental changes in Maine’s UI tax structure were hammered out by lawmakers, business representatives and labor groups.  What are some of the details of these reforms?

    Resource Expert: Commissioner Laura A. Fortman, Maine Department of Labor

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