Final Draft of EMS Licensing Compact Released

The final version of the Recongnition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) was released this week.  The compact was developed jointly between CSG's National Center for Interstate Compact, The National Association of State EMS Officials, and a drafting team of subject matter experts.  The compact was also reviewed and vetted extensively through a larger advisory committee and received finalcial support from the Department of Homeland Seecutiry.  Under the terms of the new agreement, member states would agree to honor other jurisdiction’s licenses so long as the license is issued in another member state in a manner consistent with the new compact.  The new compact also allows member states to self-regulate the existing system for licensing emergency medical personnel, while simultaneously promoting license portability.

To read the language please click on the attachment below.  For more information about REPLICA or any of CSG's ongoing compacts please contact Crady deGolian.