EMS Drafting Team to Meet for Third Time

Efforts to draft an EMS Licensing Compact will continue this week in Alexandria, VA.  The drafting team, which was convened jointly by CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts and the National Association of State EMS Officials has been working over the last several months to develop a compact that would provide legal recognition for EMTs that cross state lines in the course of their daily work.  The project is funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

During the meeting the drafters are expected to discuss the following items:

  • What conditions must be met for licensure in a member state;
  • How to include service members returning from active duty;
  • What happens when an adverse action occurs;
  • The establishment of a database to monitor compact participants; and
  • The question of criminal background checks.

Additionally the drafters will consider what the commission’s governance structure should look like and what rule making authority to grant the commission. 

The work of the drafting team builds on the recommendations initially made by the advisory team.  That group, comprised of approximately 25 subject matter experts, formally endorsed the creation of an EMS Licensure Compact.

For more information about the EMS Licensure Compact or any of CSG’s other compact projects please contact Crady deGolian at cdegolian@csg.org.