Education Staff from CSG Headquarter Office Meets with Colorado Officials

Tim Weldon, education policy analyst, and I had the opportunity to meet with Lt. Governor Garcia, state legislators, department of education officials and postsecondary education leaders to discuss innovative state action through policymaking.  Specific recommendations and opportunities were shared to ensure college- and career-readiness and access to and success in postsecondary education.

During the Joint Committee on Education meeting, we were given the opportunity to share the work of CSG's Deeper Learning Focus Group and specifically recommendations focused on curriculum and instruction, assessment systems, accountability, teacher and leader effectiveness and the use of time.  Following our presentation, we heard from staff at College in Colorado which is a free service to students where they can explore their interests, search for careers, and prepare for college.  Also during the joint committee meeting we learned more about the community college system of Colorado and their efforts around access with the promise of completion.One promising piece of data was shared related to concurrent enrollment and that the state has seen an increase where now 14,000 high schoo students are enrolled and receiving both high school and postsecondary credit.  Recently 400 students completed both their high school diploma and associate's degree at the same time.

Next on our agenda was a meeting of the Education Leadership Council, a group of stakeholders tasked with examing the current state of policies and making recommendations to the governor, General Assembly and state boards.  Today's agenda included student longitudinal data systems which reasonates well with current work of CSG's National Advisory Council on Postsecondary Access and Success.  

We then had an opportunity to meet with Lt. Governor Garcia and Dr. Matt Gianneschi of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.  CSG resources were shared and recommendations were discussed.  Our final meeting of the day was with state department of education officials including Commissioner Robert Hammond and his senior staff.  CSG hopes to continue the dialogue with state policymakers and education officials in Colorado to watch innovation grow in the state.