Economic Development with a Global Mindset

 CSG International Committee

Economic Development with a Global Mindset

August 10, 2014

In today’s knowledge-based global economy, economic development is contingent on innovation that creates jobs and stimulates competition in the global marketplace. Safeguarding intellectual property rights behind this innovation incentivizes the innovators and creators, attracts world-class research and development, and creates and sustains high-quality jobs. This session featured leading trade experts who discussed hot topics in global innovation and intellectual property. 


Rep. John Barnes, Ohio

  Download the presentation "Global Leadership" in Video (with audio) 

Jean Davis, Former Executive Director of Business, Industry and Trade, N.C. Department of Commerce

Kathy Dunn, Alaska Division of Economic Development 

  Download the presentation "Alaska: Economic Development With a Global Mindset" in PDF (without audio) or in Video (with audio)

Patrick Kilbride, Executive Director, International Intellectual Property, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

Pat Rosenstiel, Chairman, Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity 

Speaker Biographies:

Rep. John Barnes, Ohio

Barnes has focused his career on job creation, economic development and international business and commercial relations. He has traveled all over the world to work with public and private entities and share ideas to encourage economic development. 

Jean Davis

Davis served as president of the State International Development Organizations, the only national platform representing the 50 state trade agencies. She owned an international pharmaceutical consulting company. She also lived and worked in Europe for eight years and built business operations in Asia, Europe and South America.

Patrick Kilbride

Kilbride oversees the chamber’s programs promoting the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. During the Bush administration, he was a deputy assistant U.S. Trade Representative, where he was part of a White House led, interagency team that coordinated efforts to secure congressional approval of pending U.S. free trade agreements. 

Pat Rosenstiel

The alliance’s current mission is to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including a state-by-state campaign for presidential trade promotion authority. Rosenstiel has more than 20 years experience leading various efforts to strengthen U.S. trade relationships around the world.