Dueling Economic Theories Part III: Job Creation

While the economy has slowly started to rebound and state fiscal positions are getting stronger, high unemployment rates stubbornly remain and state leaders are still struggling to find ways to bring jobs to their states. According to a new Stateline article, states are once again turning to big incentive packages to either retain or lure companies into their states. In addition, states are experimenting with other creative solutions - such as work share - to help usher recovery in to a still-fragile economy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nine states had statistically significant over-the-month changes in employment in April 2013, seven of which were increases. The largest statistically significant job gains occurred in Texas (+33,100) and New York (+25,300).  The two statistically significant job decreases occurred in Wisconsin (-24,100) and Minnesota (-11,400). 
Over the year, 28 states had statistically significant changes in employment in April 2013, all of which were positive. The largest over-the-year job increase occurred in Texas (+326,100), followed by California (+273,100), Florida (+119,100), and New York (+111,600). 
States with statistically significant employment changes from April 2012 to April 2013, seasonally adjusted