Diane Gray: CentrePort Canada: Canada's First Tri-Modal Inland Port and Foreign Trade Zone

2011 National Conference & North American Summit

Future of North American Infrastructure 
October 22, 2011

Presentation by Diane Gray, President and CEO of CentrePort Canada

The transportation systems of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are tied together in myriad ways and support hundreds of billions of dollars in commerce. Each nation faces its own unique challenges in the years ahead to ensure those systems continue to allow them to remain competitive in the global economy. This session examined how each country is addressing those challenges and what innovative ideas to improve transportation are worth examining elsewhere in North America.

CentrePort Canada: Canada's First Tri-Modal Inland Port and Foreign Trade Zone

Diane Gray

Ms. Diane Gray is the founding president and CEO of CentrePort Canada Inc. CentrePort is Canada’s first tri-modal inland port and Foreign Trade Zone and encompasses 20,000 acres in the North West quadrant of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ms. Gray previously worked for the province of Manitoba from 1995 to 2009 and simultaneously served as deputy minister of finance, deputy minister of federal-provincial and international relations, and deputy minister of trade. In December 2010, she was awarded the Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Excellence in Public Administration for Manitoba.

Ms. Gray currently serves on the boards of Biomedical Commercialization Canada, Manitoba Film and Music, Manitoba’s International Trade Council, MITACS and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Ms. Gray is a graduate of the University of Manitoba's and University of Winnipeg's Joint Masters of Public Administration Program and has an undergraduate degree in political studies from the University of Manitoba.