DeGolian Participates in Arizona State Visit, Delivers Compact Presentation

I recently had the chance to participate in the Arizona state visit arranged by the CSG West office and deliver a presentation on interstate compacts to members of the Arizona legislature and the state’s Legislative Counsel.  Arizona, which is a member of nearly 30 separate interstate compacts, considered eight separate pieces of compact legislation during the 2011 session, making last week’s presentation especially timely. 

During the presentation legislators heard about the history and use of interstate compacts, how their use has evolved over the last half century, and an update about CSG’s ongoing compact work.  The presentation also provided opportunities for legislators to ask questions about interstate compacts and how state policy makers can most effectively use them to promote interstate cooperation. 

To review the presentation please click here.  To learn more about CSG compact center or any of our ongoing projects please visit or contact Crady deGolian at