CSG's National Conference Allows State Leaders to Share Capitol Ideas

This year state leaders have worked hard to make the tough decisions necessary to balance budgets, create jobs and build sustainable government programs. The Council of State Governments is proud of the role we play in helping state leaders achieve excellence. We know when state leaders come together to share capitol ideas, good things happen. That is why we are so glad you have chosen to join us here in Washington for CSG’s 2011 National Conference.

During this meeting you will find a vibrant agenda of plenary sessions and task force meetings all designed with one goal in mind—to empower you to be an even more successful public servant.
This conference also marks the first time any national association of state leaders has hosted a North American Summit. We welcome leaders from Canada and Mexico who will come together with us to discuss the future of our region and how by working together we can accomplish more. We hope you enjoy the international focus and we appreciate the generous support and partnership of our friends in Canada and Mexico. Their participation has been an essential part of crafting a successful summit.
This conference also will give you an opportunity to delve into issues of interest to you during the CSG committee and task force meetings. We thank those of you who have been appointed to and serve on these committees and task forces. It is your contribution to this work that helps CSG continue to be a relevant forum for advancing the interests of the states, commonwealths and territories.
We also want to express our gratitude to our private sector attendees, the CSG associates and meeting sponsors, who are joining us here in Bellevue. Their investment in our work is valued and their participation is appreciated.
Thank you for being a part of this exciting event. While we are confident we will be offering world class content and programs during your time here, we also know that the best part of any CSG meeting is the time you get to spend networking with leaders from throughout the states. We hope you will relish this time to learn from one another and share what you know with others. We hope you leave Washington with many great new ideas and more than a few new friends.