CSG West Economic Development and Trade Committee

CSG West Economic Development and Trade Committee

August 9, 2014

States play an important role in supporting entrepreneurs, who are important for successful economic development. A panel of experts discussed the most effective ways to market products and services, unique one-to-one business coaching models designed to produce rapid return on investment, and the ways venture capital can help grow innovative small businesses.


Scott Jenkins, National Governors Association

 Download the presentation "America Works: Education and Training for Tomorrow's Jobs" in PDF.

Penny Lewandowski, Vice President, Entrepreneurship & Strategic Direction, Edward Lowe Foundation

 Download the presentation "The Revolutionary Road: How Taking the Road Less Traveled Can Lead to Sustainable Growth" in PDF

Scott Meacham, President and CEO, i2E, Inc. 

Download the presentation "How to Start More Companies and Grow More Jobs in Your State" in PDF.