CSG Webinar: Increasing Access to Postsecondary Education. November 14, 2012

Many high school graduates mistakenly believe earning a diploma indicates they are ready to be successful in postsecondary education. That often is not the case. Nearly half of all college students, and 60 percent of students at community colleges, are required to enroll in at least one remedial course because they lack the skills to take credit-bearing coursework.

Education leaders are examining how policy and practice can come together to increase college- and career-readiness – to ensure that high school graduates have the necessary skills to be successful in higher education. This webinar focuses on how common core state standards will raise the bar to increase college readiness, how the role of the teacher is shifting to focus on improving  students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and what role legislators can play in adopting policies to address college- and career-readiness. 


Lucille Davy, senior policy advisor at the James B Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy

Connecticut Senator Beth Bye, co-chair, Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee

Carmen Coleman, superintendent of Danville Independent Schools, Danville, KY

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Increasing Access to Postsecondary Education