CSG Members Discuss the Future of Medicaid

Proceedings of the Medicaid 201 Leadership Policy Academy, Sept. 13-15, 2017


 Agenda, "Medicaid 201 Leadership Policy Academy," Sept. 13-15, 2017, click here

Robin Rudowitz, associate director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured

 "Medicaid Landscape: What We Learned and What to Watch," click here for slides. 

Stacey Mazer, senior staff associate, National Association of State Budget Officers

 "State Fiscal Outlook: Implications for Medicaid," click here for slides. 

Martha Heberlein, MACPAC

 "Alternative Approaches to Federal Medicaid Financing," click here for slides. 

Mona Mahmoud, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association 

 "Medicaid: Impact of Policy on the Pharmacy Benefit," click here for slides. 

Kelly Whitener, Center for Children and Families, Georgetown University

 "Children’s Coverage: Medicaid and CHIP," click here for slides.

Mary Beth Musumeci, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured

 "Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Waivers:  A Look at the Current Landscape," click here for slides.

Meg Riordan, vice president of research, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

 "Tobacco Use in The US Today: Extraordinary Progress but Growing Disparities in Use" and "Tobacco Prevention & Cessation: A Proven Cost Effective                 Way to Reduce Tobacco Use Across Population Groups," click here for slides.

Susan Polan, associate executive director, Public Affairs and Advocacy, American Public Health Association

 "Social Determinants of Health: Moving Upstream Toward Prevention", click here for slides. 

Amy Clary, National Academy for State Health Policy 

 "Social Determinants of Health: States Moving Upstream Toward Prevention," click here for slides.