CSG Growth and Prosperity: Virtual Summit of the States 2.0 Meetings Materials Now Available

CSG was proud to sponsor the Virtual Summit of the States 2.0, a one-of-a-kind opportunity designed to educate state leaders on how to address today's needs while building a stronger, solid budget for the future. The summit focused on issues including transportation reauthorization, job creation, entrepreneurship, workforce development, health innovation, state revenues and federalism. If you would like to watch any of the sessions or would like to get copies of the presentations, please visit the individual session pages housed here in the Knowledge Center.

Also, make sure you check out our special online edition of Capitol Ideas magazine that was designed to complement the work of the online summit. You will find essays, charts, graphs and articles focused on how states can address their budget challenges, create economic growth and build prosperity.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming CSG 2011 North American Summit & National Conference, Oct. 19-23 in Bellevue, WA and we will continue to notify you of future webinars and virtual trainings. 


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