CSG Education Group Hosts Deeper Learning Focus Group

CSG's Deeper Learning Focus Group is meeting this weekend in Boca Raton, Fla. to discuss financial strategies to implement innovation and transformation in K-12 education.  Members represent school administrators, state legislators, state department of education officials, national education agencies, local boards and state board of education members.

During the Education Legislative Briefing in Austin last December, CSG released a preliminary version of "A Framework for State Policymakers:  Ensure All Students are College- and Career-Ready."  These specific policy recommendations focus on five critical policy levers including curriculum and instruction, assessment systems, accountability, teacher and leader effectiveness and the use of time.  The 100 or so policymakers in attendance were very engaged in the suggestions but a consistent message emerged.  How do states and local school districts fund these action items?

Based on these discussions, staff decided to bring the focus group members back together and include members of House and Senate appropriation committees for a conversation about budgets, financial allocations and funding streams.  Members will meet this weekend to take the 5 policy levers and add a sixth category to offer suggestions to state policymakers on creative opportunities to fund innovation in education.