CSG Convenes 2nd Transmission Line Siting Compact Drafting Team Meeting

Staff from CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts convened the second Electric Transmission Line Siting Compact Drafting Team meeting last week in Washington, DC.  The meeting, which was hosted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), brought together the drafting team comprised of state legislators, federal officials, and interested stakeholders to continue efforts to develop an interstate compact designed to facilitate electric transmission line siting. 

During the meeting the drafters discussed the core content articles of the compact, which include the following:

·         The application filing process;

·         The application review process;

·         The proposal review and timeline; and

·         The application approval process.

The compact, which would be national in scope though utilized on a more regional basis, would seek to improve efficiencies during the siting process, such as common applications, pre-determined timelines, and public hearings. It is envisioned that the new agreement would be triggered on an ad hoc basis and pertain only to those states that are both members of the compact and impacted by the proposed line.

Additionally, the drafting team discussed issues such as compact governance, financing, the number of states required to trigger the compact, and eminent domain.  With an initial draft nearing completion, the drafting team anticipates beginning to circulate the compact language to interested stakeholders for review and comment in the new year and completing compact language by the summer of 2012.  That would allow state legislatures to begin considering the agreement as early as the 2013 session. 

The idea for an electric transmission line siting compact came about at the request of CSG’s membership and is based on the Energy Act of 2005, which granted states advance congressional consent to create regional interstate compacts governing the siting of interstate transmission lines.  To learn more about the effort please click here or contact Crady deGolian at cdegolian@csg.org.