CSG Continues Work on Interstate Reciprocity Compact

The Council of State Governments' National Center for Interstate Compacts, in conjuction with the Presidents' Forum, and with support from the Lumina Foundation are working to produce a national (but not federal) compact to help states better work together to offer online courses across state lines.  This compact, in its final form, is intended to help students get access to the skills they need to compete in the global economy.  The compact will also help institutions save money by removing redundant regulatory burdens involved with offering courses on a multistate basis and help states develop a more educated and productive workforce.

For a more complete picture of the issue, check out CSG's latest Capitol Research brief here.

The drafting team working on the compact will continue to soliticit feedback from stakeholders in an upcoming meeting to be held at the Lumina Foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The drafting team has an early working draft of the compact and is beginning to solicit feedback and make appropriate adjustments to the language.