CSG Coauthors New Research Brief on Expedited Partner Therapy

Expedited partner therapy is a recommended option for treating sexually transmitted diseases. Typically when a patient tests positive for a STD they are treated with an antibiotic. EPT enables healthcare clinicians to provide patients with either antibiotics or prescriptions for antibiotics for their sexual partner without a visit by the partner to a health care center.

The brief, coauthored with the National Coalition of STD Directors, provides evidence-based information on the effectiveness of EPT and the money that EPT can save. EPT is more successful than traditional patient referral approaches in getting antibiotic treatment to sexual partners. As state and local health departments continue to see personnel reductions, the traditional surveillance approach is increasingly difficult to adequately staff.

California and Washington have lead the way in implementing EPT. In Washington, over one third of heterosexuals treated for chlamydia or gonorrhea receive EPT for their partners. In California nearly one half of physicians and nurse practitioners report using EPT. California was the first state to authorize EPT, and since its beginning in 2001, no adverse effects have been reported.

"Expedited Partner Therapy: Reducing Health Care Costs and Creating Healthy Communities"