Creating A New Kind of Technical Worker

After years of American companies sending jobs to other countries, recent trends suggest a surge in training workers at home and keeping production in the United States. Some manufacturers are bringing jobs back from overseas, a trend that many find hopeful for our economy. New hires topped 3 million in less than 2 years, with almost 2 million new workers coming on board in 2011. This policy academy addressed education and training to support American workers so they are the best-trained workforce in the world; ensuring efficiency and productivity by workers in domestic businesses; business incentives to invest in hiring and expanding; and technical support so companies can grow and expand. 

U.S. Workforce Development: Building Capacity at Home
August 9, 2014

Presentation by Danine Alderete-Tomlin, Executive Director and Principal Investigator, National Center of Excellence in Advanced Automotive Manufacturing

Creating A New Kind of Technical Worker

Speaker Biography:

Alderete-Tomlin oversees the Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative, a national collaboration of community colleges, automotive manufacturers and supply chain companies working to strengthen the competency and global competitiveness of the automotive manufacturing industry through the development of industry validated standards and a competency-based curriculum.