Compact Advisory Council Convenes at Lumina Foundation

The Lumina Foundation hosted the Multistate Reciprocity Compact's Drafting Team and Advisory Council on Feb. 22-24 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Advisory Council provided feedback on an early version of the draft in a hearing format.  The Advisory Council met on the 22nd and the Drafting Team considered the comments made in the hearing on the 23rd and 24th. 

The drafting team received substantive feedback that informed their work on a few crucial articles of the compact.  One of the key discussion points was how standards for institutions were determined and enforced.  The compact aims to help students get greater access to quality online education, especially in an economic environment where mobility can be difficult and education is an important vehicle to a stable career.

The Drafting Team assigned subcommittees to work on specific sections of the compact that received comments from the Advisory Council.  The Drafting Team expects to regroup electronically to continue working to finish language for a model compact.