A Closer Look at 111d

CSG Energy & Environment Public Policy Committee

A Closer Look at 111d

August 11, 2014

With the new proposed rules by the United States Environmental Protection Agency related to section 111 (d) of the Clean Air Act, many states have questions about what the rule means for their state.  The session addressed the questions state leaders need to ask to have a better understanding of how the rule affects their state’s businesses, citizens and energy future.


Colette Honorable, President, National Association of Regulatory Commissioners Chair, Arkansas Public Services Commission 

Jennifer Macedonia, Senior Adviser, Bipartisan Policy Center  

  Download the presentation "Regulation of Power Plants under EPA's Proposed Clean Power Plan" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Lopa Parikh, Director of Federal Regulatory Affairs, Edison Electric Institute 

  Download the presentation "Closer Look at EPA Proposed Rule 111d: Utility Perspective" in PDF (without audio) or as a Video (with audio)

Speaker Biographies:

Colette Honorable

Honorable serves as the association’s primary voice before Congress, the courts, administrative agencies and the public. Since 2007, she has served on the Arkansas Public Service Commission, which regulates the intrastate rates and services of the state’s public utilities. 

Jennifer Macedonia

Macedonia leads the center’s work on greenhouse gas emission standards under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. Formerly with the Environmental Protection Agency, she served as an expert on the delegation to international climate negotiations.