A Busy Week for Interstate Compacts

With the vast majority of states back in session, several pieces of compact legislation were filed this week.  In Hawaii SB 2168 would allow the state to join the Surplus Lines Insurance Multistate Compliance Compact, developed jointly by CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts and the National Conference of Insurance Legislators.  Once adopted by one more state SLIMPACT will have reached the minimum threshold of states to trigger commission activity and allow for the formation of an online clearinghouse for the payment and allocation of surplus lines premium taxes.

Additionally three states filed legislation to consider the health care compact designed to ensure health care regulation and reform occurs at the state level.  They include the following:

In Delaware HB 55 would allow the state to join the National Popular Vote Compact, designed to ensure the winner of the popular vote is elected President.

To continue tracking the progress of these bills and to learn what additional pieces of compact legislation other states are considering please visit www.csg.org/ncic.