Bringing Balance to the Meter: Upcoming Net Metering Webinar Next Tuesday, Jan. 13th

Increasing popularity of small scale, on-site power sources known as distributed generation has surged because of policies like net energy metering. Distributed generation—mainly rooftop solar—is transforming the way electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed. In 2015, state lawmakers will likely continue debates about the most appropriate way to balance consumer demand for distributed generation while recognizing the real and substantial fixed and variable costs incurred by electric utilities and the potential impact of these policies on nonsolar consumers. Be sure to join the next edition of CSG's webinar series entitled, "Bringing Balance to the Meter: Net Metering Policies and Impacts on Consumers." The event will take place on January 13th at 2pm Eastern and you may register by clicking here.  

This CSG webinar session will feature perspectives from the electric power industry and a former utility ratepayer consumer advocate. Panelists will share their thoughts on how to balance the challenges and opportunities the growth of distributed generation has brought to the forefront and how to address consumer concerns. The presenters are: 

  • David K. OwensExecutive Vice President, Edison Electric Institute (Bio)
  • Sheri GivensPresident, Givens Consulting LLC (Bio) 

​We look forward to your participation and joining this thought-provoking discussion. For more information on the event, please click here.   

For additional resource material related to net metering please see this policy brief.