Book of the States 2018, Chapter 2: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Book of the States 2018

Chapter 2: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

Federal Aid:

Table 2.1  Summary of State Intergovernmental Expenditures: 1944-2016.  Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 2.2  Summary of State Intergovernmental Expenditures, By State: 2007-2016. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 2.3  State Intergovernmental Expenditures, By Function and By State: 2016.  Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 2.3 Infographic  State Intergovernmental Expenditures.  Download in PDF.

Table 2.4  State Intergovernmental Expenditures, By Type of Receiving Government and By State: 2016. Download in Excel or PDF.

Table 2.5  State Intergovernmental Revenue from Federal and Local Governments: 2016.  Download in Excel or PDF.