Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways (FL)

Suggested State Legislation: This Act requires bicycle and pedestrian ways be included when planning transportation facilities, particularly within one mile of an urban area. The Act requires the state department of transportation establish design and construction standards for bicycle and pedestrian ways.

Submitted as:
Chapter 335, Section 065
Status: Enacted into law in 2007.

Suggested State Legislation: 2009 Docket

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Section 1. [Short Title.] This Act shall be cited as “An Act to Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways.”

Section 2. [Planning Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways Along State Roads and Transportation
(a) Bicycle and pedestrian ways shall be given full consideration in the planning and
development of transportation facilities, including the incorporation of such ways into state, regional, and local transportation plans and programs. Bicycle and pedestrian ways shall be established in conjunction with the construction, reconstruction, or other change of any state transportation facility, and special emphasis shall be given to projects in or within [1 mile] of an urban area.
(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of [paragraph (a)], bicycle and pedestrian ways are not required to be established where their establishment would be contrary to public safety; when the cost would be excessively disproportionate to the need or probable use; or where other available means or factors indicate an absence of need.
(c) The [department of transportation] shall establish construction standards and a uniform system of signage for bicycle and pedestrian ways.
(d) The [department of transportation], in cooperation with the [department of environmental protection], shall establish a statewide integrated system of bicycle and pedestrian ways in such a manner as to take full advantage of any such ways which are maintained by any governmental entity. For the purposes of this section, bicycle facilities may be established as part of or separate from the actual roadway and may use existing road rights-of-way or other rights-of way or easements acquired for public use.

Section 3. [Severability.] [Insert severability clause.]

Section 4. [Repealer.] [Insert repealer clause.]

Section 5. [Effective Date.] [Insert effective date.]

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