Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights SSL Draft 


This Act defines harassment, intimidation, and bullying. It requires schools to implement bullying prevention programs. It requires school principals appoint anti-bullying specialists for their schools and it mandates forming school safety teams for each school. 
This legislation requires teachers, school board members, school leaders, and other education personnel to get training about recognizing and preventing harassment, intimidation, and bullying by students. It addresses reporting such incidents to a district board of education, on school report cards, and by the state department of education. It requires the state department of education to develop guidance documents explaining how complaints about harassment, intimidation, and bullying must be resolved. 
This legislation requires public institutions of higher education to adopt a policy in the code of student conduct prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying. 
The legislation creates a Bullying Prevention Fund within the department of education to provide grants to train school personnel about preventing harassment, intimidation, and bullying in schools. 
Submitted as: 
New Jersey 
Status: Enacted into law in 2011. 

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