American Gas Association Educates Youth on Safe Digging Month

April is Safe Digging Month, the time of year when key stakeholders in the energy community come together to communicate how important it is that professionals and homeowners alike call 811 and follow the safe digging process to help prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient utility outages.

The American Gas Association, a CSG Associate member, has released a video to help educate youth about the importance of natural gas safety in the home. The animated video, aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children, explains which appliances use natural gas, how to identify a natural gas leak and what to do if a leak occurs. These key safety messages are critical not only to family and caregivers, but also to the next generation of utility customers.

“While safety is the top priority for AGA all year long, we use April as a time to call attention to the importance of calling 811 before you dig,” said Kyle Rogers, vice president of government relations for the association. “As we all know, communicating to youth is important. Not only do they bring critical information home to family, friends and caregivers, they are the next generation of utility customers.”

A federally mandated national “Call Before You Dig” number—811—was created to help protect people from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects. Every digging project requires a call to 811.

The amount of time required to call before the start of a project varies. State laws range from 48 to 72 hours, most excluding weekends and legal holidays. People are asked to call 811 directly, and a customer service representative will provide specific information.

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