Affordable Care Act Enrollment Figures: A Tale of State Contrasts

With the looming deadline for choosing health insurance quickly approaching, Yahoo News recently put out some enrollment figures by state. The idea was to contrast each state's projected enrollees by February 28th with the actual number of enrollees by March 1st. The numbers reveal a wide disparity between the states.

About 20 percent of all enrollees signed up via a state-run exchange program, making it more effective than the federal program at around 12 percent. There are 16 states with their own program while the other 34 states relied on the federal program. Most of the disparity between the two programs seems to be attributed to the much maligned roll out of While some states such as Kentucky and Connecticut are having great success with their own state exchanges, other states such as Maryland and Massachusetts are struggling. By contrast, states that used the federal version tend to be closer to each other in terms of the enrollment rate.

One area of commonality is that the success of the program depended in part on a vigorous outreach program. For example, California (a state exchange program state) lead the way with an enrollment figure of 868,936 while Florida (a federal exchange program state) was number two with an enrollment figure of 442,087. Both states were active in campaigning for people to use their websites.

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