An ACA Implementation Update ... Without Politics

Today I tuned into a rebroadcast of the Bloomberg News conversation on health exchanges and Medicaid expansion that was refreshingly void of politics. The discussion was far-reaching and speculated about changes in the nation’s health insurance system in the years ahead, rather than dwelling on the immediate problems with the rollout of the federal health insurance exchange website. It was an hour well-spent. 

Bloomberg Industries Senior Healthcare Equity Analyst Michael Manns carried on a one hour conversation with Greg Nersessian from Health Management Associates, a major national health consulting firm, and Alan Cohen from Bright Choices, a private health exchange. All three men come bring financial and investment backgrounds to their current work. HMA consults on publicly financed health care with state governments, industry, investors and major foundations and associations. Bright Choices is a private benefits marketplace for employees of companies offering defined contribution dollars to buy benefits, including health, dental, life and disability insurance.     

In just one hour, they discussed the health exchanges and the numbers and pricing of plans available in the states. They covered Medicaid expansion decisions of the states and state budgetary impacts on states in 2014 and beyond. Their conversation placed the exchanges and Medicaid expansion within the broader context of the economic marketplace for health insurance and health services and provided analysis without a political lens for or against the Affordable Care Act.