29 states set new records for export sales in 2012

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 29 states set new records for export sales and 35 states saw an increase in merchandise export growth in 2012—20 of whom saw growth rates of five percent or more.  Nationally, exports increased 4.5 percent from 2011 to 2012. The value of total goods and services exported in 2012 reached a record $2.2 trillion nationally and supported 9.8 million jobs.

  Download the data in Excel HERE.

New Mexico’s exports grew the fastest of any state (42.5 percent) followed by Arkansas (35.9 percent) and Nevada (27.7 percent). Of those 15 states that saw year-over-year drops in exports, New Hampshire fell the most—by 18.9 percent—followed by Hawaii at 17.9 percent and Alaska at 13.7 percent.

Exports per capita ranged considerably by state in 2012, from a low of $522 in Hawaii and $1,429 in New Mexico to a high of $13,724 in Louisiana and $10,950 in Washington. Canada remains the largest export market for the U.S. –18.9 percent of goods exported go there – followed by Mexico (14 percent), China (7.3 percent), Japan (4.1 percent), and the United Kingdom (3.2 percent).