Trends in America

Despite increased ridership, clear benefits to the environment and traffic congestion mitigation, public transportation continues to face financial struggles and cuts.  But some states are turning to alternative financing mechanisms to fund  it.

In response to teen sexual risk behaviors, 35 states have adopted some sort of sex or STD/HIV education. States' statistics are included. 

Fewer than a third of America’s eighth-grade public school students meet the national standard for reading proficiency for their grade level.  This report examines policies to improve adolescent reading skills.  

The National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs provide millions of meals every day to the nation's disadvantaged children. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is trying to close loopholes that still allow unhealthy food onto school plates.

The gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" for those who have high-speed internet access continues to grow.  A number of federal, state, and local initiatives may help make universal broadband access a reality.