Suggested State Legislation

This Act enables doctors to report to the state department of motor vehicles patients who have physical or mental conditions which impair the patients‘ driving skills.

This Act directs the state housing and development authority to determine the number of homeless people, including homeless children, in the state, and the number of homeless people in the state who are not residents of the state; oversee and encourage a regional homeless delivery system; and facilitate the dissemination of information to help people access local resources related to homelessness, housing, and community development.

This Act directs the state department of agriculture and forestry to set up a financing program to stimulate investment in healthy food retail outlets in underserved areas of the state. The Act defines "Healthy food retailers" as for-profit or not-for-profit retailers that sell high quality fresh fruits and vegetables at competitive prices including but not limited to supermarkets, grocery stores, and farmers‘ markets.

International trade creates litigation between countries and judgments that must be enforced from country to country. There is a strong need for uniformity between states with respect to the law governing foreign country money-judgments. If foreign country judgments are not enforced appropriately and uniformly, it may make enforcement of the judgments of American courts more difficult in foreign country courts.

This Act establishes a program in the state department of agriculture to award grants to nonprofit organizations to collect and distribute surplus food grown in the state to food banks and other charitable organizations which serve needy or low-income people. The Act creates a Surplus Agricultural Commodities Fund to fund the program and an advisory committee to guide the program.