Stateline Midwest

The November Question of the Month provides a brief overview of state laws in the Midwest regulating the short-term lending industry.

New USDA rules that would significantly change the regulation of the nation's livestock markets have drawn packed crowds and generated a heated debate within the agricultural community.

All signs are pointing to a revenue rebound for most states in the Midwest in fiscal year 2011. However, thanks in large part to a loss in federal funding, state lawmakers will face perhaps their biggest fiscal challenge yet in crafting FY 2012 budgets.

As of 2008, about 450 state prisoners in Illinois were living with HIV.

Most of these inmates have one thing in common: They will eventually be released from prison. About 85 percent of those released will end up in the Chicago area, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

From dramatically expanding the reach of Medicaid to creating new state-based health insurance exchanges, the federal health care legislation recently signed into law will have a far-reaching impact on states. This cover story of Stateline Midwest examines six ways that state-level health care and insurance policy will be affected.