Stateline Midwest

Due in part to higher-than-expected growth in Medicaid expenditures in fiscal year 2010, states have taken a number of actions to control program spending during the current fiscal year and beyond.

The federal government will be relying on the states to make the most of its historic federal commitment to clean up and restore the Great Lakes.

How can states help create K-12 education systems that better prepare students for careers and college? This article looks at a potential policy framework, as well as some examples of approaches being taken in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

In the November 2010 elections, voters weighed in on a wide range of ballot proposals — from a plan in Indiana to cap property taxes and a workplace smoking ban in South Dakota to a proposal in Nebraska to abolish the treasurer's office and a new governor-recall law in Illinois.

The November 2010 elections resulted in a net seat gain of more than 25 percent for Republicans in the region's 20 partisan legislative chambers.