So, how much is a college education worth? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports individuals with just a high school diploma are almost twice as likely to be unemployed as those with a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, those with four-year degrees earn, on average, more than one-third as much as adults with no college degree or certificate. That amounts to more than $400 per week, or, looked at another way, approximately $900,000 more over a lifetime in today’s dollars.

An estimated 16,000 additional 4-year-olds in Michigan will be able to enroll in preschool next year under a budget enacted by the legislature.  Governor Rick Snyder is set to sign into law his proposal to increase funding for preschool in his 2013 budget request by 60 percent.  Snyder’s 2013 budget includes $65 million more for The Early Start Readiness Program. He reportedly plans to seek an additional $65 in the 2014 state budget to expand pre-k services further.