Expedited Partner Therapy

Expedited partner therapy is a recommended option for treating sexually transmitted diseases. Typically when a patient tests positive for a STD they are treated with an antibiotic. EPT enables healthcare clinicians to provide patients with either antibiotics or prescriptions for antibiotics for their sexual partner without a visit by the partner to a health care center.

State legislation from 2010 sessions related to expedited partner therapy, HIV testing, syringe services and HPV vaccine coverage and screening.  Read the 2010 report and the archived reports from 2006 to 2009.

State legislators, primarily from CSG’s Eastern Regional Conference states, attended a 4-hour session to learn more about health reform and state policies can reduce health disparities related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS. Presentation by David Johnson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is estimated over a million people in the United States, and almost 40 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV. These alarming statistics and how quickly the virus continues to spread worldwide have pushed HIV and AIDS to the top of the list of healthcare priorities in the United States.  Click on a state to download a PDF issue brief with specific state data on these diseases as well as the state’s policies related to HIV testing, expedited partner therapy and sexual health education.

Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT), a cost-effective policy for treatment of curable sexually transmitted diseases, is legal in 23 states. EPT is one approach to treating sexual partners of patients diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhea infections, where patients provide treatment directly to their partners.