CSG Growth and Prosperity Summit


Economist Zachary Karabell will discuss job creation in the U.S. during the CSG 2011 Growth & Prosperity Summit on March 27.  As president of River Twice Research, where he analyzes economic and political trends, Karabell challenges common assumptions ranging from global economics to environmental sustainability. With a prolific, award-winning writing career, an illustrious background on Wall Street and a doctorate from Harvard, Karabell brings a unique perspective to the discussion of globalization, the domestic and world economy, the greening of business and the shape of things to come.

As states strive to pull out of the Great Recession and its aftermath, state policymakers can learn what it will take to address challenges today and build a more solid budget for the future. The Council of State Governments Growth and Prosperity Summit will focus on what state leaders need to know to develop winning strategies for job creation and which  strategies work best for business creation. Other sessions will focus on the economy in 2011 and state tax systems, as well as the nexus of education and work force development.