2014 CSG National Conference

This session explored what’s in store for your state in 2015 and beyond as experts forecast fiscal and economic trends for states and the nation. The discussion focused on the most significant fiscal and economic issues facing states—such as public pensions, tax reform and ways to foster entrepreneurship—and included insights about how states are tackling similar concerns. 

The Council of State Governments hosted its 2014 National Conference from August 9-13 in Anchorage, Alaska. The meeting provided state leaders with a robust agenda structured to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing state governments. If you would like to watch any of the sessions or would like to get copies of the presentations, please visit the individual session pages housed here in the Knowledge Center. Audio of many of the presentations will be available shortly.

At the recently concluded National Conference held in Anchorage, Alaska, the CSG Executive Committee approved eight policy resolutions on a wide range of topics, including greenhouse gas regulations, the EPA's definition of "Waters in the U.S.," intellectual property rights, reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, support for online voting technology for military and overseas voters.
Two of the resolutions provide support to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA). Both agreements were developed with support from CSG’s National Center for Interstate Compacts. SARA aims to increase access to online higher education, while REPLICA attempts to increase access to licensed and trained EMS personnel.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA--Political polarization and economic inequality dramatically affect civic education in the United States, speakers at the session, “Understanding and Promoting High Quality Civic Education,” said.

Diana Hess, senior vice president of the Spencer Foundation at the University of Wisconsin Madison, said the movement to the political extremes leaves very little in the middle. In fact, she said, only 35 of the 435 seats n the U.S. House of Representatives are competitive.

Alaska presents some unique challenges when it comes to delivering health care to rural residents. Telemedicine is helping to solve some of those challenges.

Laurel Wood, former immunizations director for the Alaska Department of Public Health, told attendees Monday at the CSG/CSG West Health Committee meeting that Alaska is one-fifth the size of lower 48 states. It is twice as large as Texas, but it has a population density of just 1.2 people per square mile.