2013 CSG National Conference

Dr. Bruce Struminger summed up the feeling in the room at CSG’s recent Chronic Disease Policy Academy in Kansas City, Mo., this way: “Chronic disease management is a team sport,” he said, adding it’s important to make sure all the players are at the table.

Technology has changed the course of the world—making daily tasks easier, faster and cheaper to complete. But are American students prepared to change the course of technology in the future? How can technology change classrooms today? These were the questions posed by experts at The Council of State Governments’ Digital Learning and STEM Initiatives Policy Academy, sponsored by Microsoft and held in conjunction with CSG’s 2013 National Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

Homegrown businesses might be the answer to adding jobs to states’ economies. That was the message of a two-day policy academy, “Strategies for Fostering Entrepreneurship,” held at the Kauffman Foundation campus in Kansas City, Mo., in conjunction with The Council of State Governments 2013 National Conference.

A group of legislators and other state leaders thinks it’s time that states take a new look at how they’re conducting economic development. “We really believe in having a larger pie instead of keep slicing smaller pieces,” said Gynii Gilliam, Idaho’s chief economic development officer. She was speaking at the session “Economic Development After the Recession” at the recent CSG 2013 National Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

The Council of State Governments Executive Committee adopted a resolution supporting a federally funded program to support state-level pilot programs to explore transportation funding alternatives during the CSG 2013 National Conference Sept. 22.