2012 CSG National Conference

Environmental sustainability has become important to industry in their way of doing business and ultimately corporate bottom lines.

Speakers from three businesses shared their efforts with the CSG Energy and Environment Policy Task Force Sunday morning.

The emerging availability of oil and natural gas due to the process of hydraulic fracturing has been perhaps the biggest game changer for the energy sector and many states in recent years.

State policymakers should take a data-driven approach to public safety policy, panelists said Sunday.

“Despite the run-up in justice spending, states aren’t getting much bang for their buck in reducing recidivism, specifically, or more generally improving public safety,” said Adam Gelb, director of the Public Safety Performance Project of the Pew Center for the States.

When it comes to emergency communication, no one size fits all.

That was the recurring theme during the State Emergency Communications session Sunday morning.

Barry Anderson used to compare the fiscal cliff to “Thelma and Louise.” Now, he’s taken to using Wile E. Coyote as the metaphor to illustrate what is going on in Washington.