Accident Reduction

Intelligent transportation system technologies—everything from traffic cameras to real time road and traffic information lines—being implemented in many states hold the promise of making travel safer, more efficient and less impactful on the environment.

Summary:  Sending and receiving text messages while driving is just one aspect of a much larger problem - distracted driving.  Driver inattention is the leading cause of traffic crashes, responsible for an estimated 80 percent of all collisions.  While cell phone use is just one aspect of distracted driving, the rapid proliferation of the devices has put texting and talking at the forefront of the battle for safer roadways.

This report includes bar charts for six indicators of road and bridge conditions and safety, including percent of roads in fair or good condition; percent of bridges structurally deficient; percent of bridges functionally obsolete; traffic fatalities per 100 million annual vehicle miles traveled (VMT); percent of traffic fatalities involving high blood alcohol concentration; and seat belt usage rates. Data were sought for a number of other outcome indicators, including injury rates, congestion and customer satisfaction. However, too few states were able to provide information on these  indicators.