Substance Abuse

The cost of substance abuse and addiction is staggering— hitting state budgets hard.  Alternative methods of managing substance abuse can pay off for states.  States’ fiscal crises have simultaneously provided opportunities to develop new strategies for substance abuse programs and forced funding decreases for successful programs.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that that the Council of State Governments encourages the state legislative mental health caucuses to work with public and private providers, non-profit groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Mental Health Association and other mental health patient advocacy groups, as well any other private or public entities with an interest in mental health issues in order to educate the legislature and the public on mental health needs and services in their states

Suggested State Legislation: This Act directs the state crime center to develop and operate a real-time electronic logbook to enable pharmacies to record purchases of Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine. The Act requires pharmacies to enter such purchases in the electronic logbook.